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Granite Gatepost, Warbstow

Devon and Cornwall quite famously sit on a massive amount of granite, with the tors of the nearby moorlands made out of outcrops of the hard rock. You will often also come across standing stones on the moors, the plentiful and hard wearing material perhaps fashioned and arranged by ancient hands for ceremonial religious uses,… Continue reading Granite Gatepost, Warbstow

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Devon from Cornwall

I have mentioned the all-encompassing views from Warbstow Bury before. Standing on the ancient earthworks from the remains of the fort site you have views out into the Bristol Channel, including Lundy Island about thirty miles distant, plus out towards the moors of Exmoor, Dartmoor and the much nearer Bodmin Moor. This one is out… Continue reading Devon from Cornwall

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Wintry Warbstow

It doesn't snow very often in Cornwall. To relations living in a more northerly UK latitude I joke that it's because we are near the equator here, compared to them anyway. This was the second hit in a couple of weeks, the last one hung around for two or three days and we were genuinely… Continue reading Wintry Warbstow

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Tree on the Wall, Warbstow Bury

A long time ago a Hawthorn germinated and started to grow on top of a Cornish 'fence', a wall to most of the rest of the world. Long after the fence stopped having to do what it was put there for, the Hawthorn remains, although some of it is creating precarious angles. One day it's… Continue reading Tree on the Wall, Warbstow Bury