Millook Haven, low tide

When the tide is low at Millook, you can see why it's not a family friendly bathing beach. Mostly, without the sea in the background and vegetation on the cliffs, it looks like a scene which the Mars Rover might send back pictures of. The loose stones look big, heavy and immovable to us but… Continue reading Millook Haven, low tide

Millook Haven, Weather

Although we arrived at the beach in Millook in bright sunshine, the prevailing South West winds were soon bringing over a fresh bank of threatening looking weather. Some might think I've left too much sky in the picture but I think the interesting natural dynamics here are in the weather and the waves, so they… Continue reading Millook Haven, Weather

Millook Haven Cliffs

As a beach without restrictions on dog walking, due to it being one of those without tourist facilities at all, very stony and a narrow, twisty and distinctly motorhome unfriendly 30% hill in and out again, this is one of my, and Gwynnik's, favourite locations. The cliffs here are a wonderful example of all the… Continue reading Millook Haven Cliffs