Sharp & Incoming at Crackington

Is anyone tired of abstract sea and waves pictures yet? A slight difference in this one. With my sweeping panning movement I seem to have more or less matched the speed of the nearest waves, thereby keeping them relatively sharp compared with the rest of the scene. This has given me an effect that I… Continue reading Sharp & Incoming at Crackington

Getting it all wrong on purpose

I was chatting with an artist friend yesterday about how I get some of the abstract results I have been posting recently 'in camera'. To be honest I don't usually do 'technical' or post about my 'process' but, with her questions and a recent comments question about the same, I thought I could do an… Continue reading Getting it all wrong on purpose

Offshore Mists Two

I posted a straight black and white shot of the Cambeak headland at Crackington wearing its little offshore cloud yesterday. Regular followers will know I've been trying the alternative abstract intentional camera movement technique on pretty much everything as well, so of course I tried it here too. My alone time - well, at least… Continue reading Offshore Mists Two