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Roughtor’s Random Rocks

Around the base of the main huge granite boulders making the summit of Roughtor are many random smaller stones. There is no pattern, just hundreds of assorted and irregular slabs strewn around the place. A few are standing, maybe manoeuvred in a long ago history to point up at a significant object in the night… Continue reading Roughtor’s Random Rocks

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Granite Gatepost, Warbstow

Devon and Cornwall quite famously sit on a massive amount of granite, with the tors of the nearby moorlands made out of outcrops of the hard rock. You will often also come across standing stones on the moors, the plentiful and hard wearing material perhaps fashioned and arranged by ancient hands for ceremonial religious uses,… Continue reading Granite Gatepost, Warbstow

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Incoming tide at Tremoutha

Just climbing the coastpath south, just barely out of Crackington Haven, you come across Tremoutha, the next cove along. There isn't an easy access to the beach here, any faint¬† pathway has long since grown over, so access may only be relatively safely gained by skipping and scrambling around the small headland and over the… Continue reading Incoming tide at Tremoutha

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WordPress Discover Editors’ Pick

Amongst all the usual newsletters and regular store emails one morning last week I had an email from Ben Huberman at WordPress.  I recognised the name but couldn't quite place why. The subject line was 'You're an Editors Pick on WordPress Discover!' I took a moment to try to process those few words. Some pinching… Continue reading WordPress Discover Editors’ Pick

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Wilsey Woods misty firebreak

I don't always take my camera with me on the daily dog walk. I carried it with me on this morning, even though it was misty, as I had the feeling that some opportunities would present themselves if the mist started clearing. This is the sun breaking through through the mists in one of the… Continue reading Wilsey Woods misty firebreak

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Crackington Haven

The beach at Crackington changes shape and composition often. Some tides leave a healthy load of sand, making walking on it an easier and sometimes barefoot experience, but a period of heavy rainfall couple with high speed winter winds can strip it back to the bedrock or leave many tons of bitty rubble in its… Continue reading Crackington Haven

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Showery Tor, Bodmin Moor

Part of the triumvirate of rocky Tors that make up the summits of the Roughtor hill. The one that looks the most delicately and impossibly arranged, with a few large slabs of granite layered whilst the other Tors have a larger and more numerous scattering. I know I've photographed it before, but every time is… Continue reading Showery Tor, Bodmin Moor

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Millook Haven, low tide

When the tide is low at Millook, you can see why it's not a family friendly bathing beach. Mostly, without the sea in the background and vegetation on the cliffs, it looks like a scene which the Mars Rover might send back pictures of. The loose stones look big, heavy and immovable to us but… Continue reading Millook Haven, low tide

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Sunshine and Showers, Widemouth Bay

There is a high vantage point on the coastal road from Millook to Widemouth from where you can overlook the bay northwards, to what remains of Cornwall and onwards in to North Devon. Whilst we were lucky enough to be getting bathed in sunshine, we could see that the residents of Bude, just a mile… Continue reading Sunshine and Showers, Widemouth Bay