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Crowdy Reservoir view

I went for a walk in Bude yesterday. There was a market on the Quay there and on one of the stalls there was a nice chap - John Worth Photography -  selling items featuring his own photos, from cards and calendars to mounted prints. He said that for his market - the many tourists… Continue reading Crowdy Reservoir view

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View to Brown Willy from Showery Tor

At 420 meters above sea level, Brown Willy is the high point of Cornwall. Its name of course is guaranteed to make small immature British boys giggle until they are at least immature 50 year old men. American ones would get the same effect if it was called Brown Pecker. There was a movement by… Continue reading View to Brown Willy from Showery Tor

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Big Skies and big discounts

When I signed up with Society6 I didn't realise quite how hard it was going to be for anybody to purchase anything from them at full price! The discount offers seem to come thick and fast so, rather than think of a new way to tell you this news every time,  I've decided to take… Continue reading Big Skies and big discounts

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Roughtor Clapper Bridge, Bodmin Moor

A clapper bridge is a simple form of construction used since medieval times, in this case it is built out of the plentiful granite slabs placed over some solid piers. This Grade 11 listed bridge carries the track across a small stream at the base of the slopes approaching Roughtor. What  always strikes me is… Continue reading Roughtor Clapper Bridge, Bodmin Moor

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Stannon stones, Bodmin Moor

There are many of these stone circles and other signs of long gone ancient culture on Bodmin Moor. This one is just south of an old China Clay quarry workings called Stannon works so, although not named on the OS map as such, most know them as the Stannon stone circle. This is a large… Continue reading Stannon stones, Bodmin Moor

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Roughtor’s Random Rocks

Around the base of the main huge granite boulders making the summit of Roughtor are many random smaller stones. There is no pattern, just hundreds of assorted and irregular slabs strewn around the place. A few are standing, maybe manoeuvred in a long ago history to point up at a significant object in the night… Continue reading Roughtor’s Random Rocks

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Logan Stone, Louden Hill, Bodmin Moor

My thanks to Elizabeth Dale, author of Cornishbirdblog and her recent post giving me the inspiration to visit this quirky rock formation on Bodmin Moor, just below Roughtor. That particular post is here and will tell you a little more detail. I highly recommend a visit to her blog to learn all sorts of other… Continue reading Logan Stone, Louden Hill, Bodmin Moor