Still here…

Hello, I thought I’d better post something new here, just to show I hadn’t abandoned being the photographer called Bear R Humphreys. Life is generally good but I have had a string of MS-based fatigue relapses over the new year season that have kept me from really getting enthusiastic about anything at all really. I … More Still here…

A beach morning

The only time I can be on the beach at Crackington Haven during the summer is on a Sunday morning when the weekly beach clean takes place. A dog ban during the high tourist season means that I can’t walk Gwynnik along the shore there during the week now, so my wife and I take … More A beach morning

A new style

I am going to need some new Categories and Tags for my posts on here. I have been using ‘Black and White’, ‘Landscape’, ‘Photography’. That pretty much sums up the entirety of the post so I generally also use the location as well, just to make it a bit more specific. ‘Bodmin Moor’ or ‘Warbstow Bury’ … More A new style

My domain

This is looking south on Widemouth’s long beach. The wind was fairly fierce, whipping up the sea spray off the tops of the waves and leaving it hanging in the air. As you walked you could feel the damp on your face and taste the tangy moisture. The pebbles on the beach were coated with … More My domain

Print news

I have started to make some prints available to purchase now at Society6. There are many options of sizes and frames available, as well as unframed prints. I have heard good things from local artists who sell using the site so I am confident it will do a great job. Although priced in US dollars and … More Print news