Pixels Store

I mentioned on my last post that I would be putting some more pictures up for sale on my store. I have done so with the Society6 store, there are three new ones on there, as well as a slight trimming of the Black and White shots that are available. I have now also set […]

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Big Skies and big discounts

When I signed up with Society6 I didn’t realise quite how hard it was going to be for anybody to purchase anything from them at full price! The discount offers seem to come thick and fast so, rather than think of a new way to tell you this news every time,  I’ve decided to take […]

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Mother’s Day Print Sale

Society6 are on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, out across the waves that get thrown with some vigour into my side, and their Mother’s Day (which research indicates does have the apostrophe) is approaching. Now, I don’t particularly care about these things but… it is a great opportunity for any of you thinking […]

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