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New fans and old

Well, that's increased the followers number and the statistics page bar graphs went to places I've never seen before! Thank you everyone for liking, following and commenting, it is much appreciated and is still humbling to think that people from all over the globe are seeing and enjoying the exact little bits of world I… Continue reading New fans and old

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Photographers Assistant

It was fine afternoon and the light was good, although frustratingly for a black and white photographer there was an annoying featureless blank blue sky. I would have to focus on filling the frame with otherwise interesting things. So I am up at Warbstow Bury, playing with compositions while my assistant is off exploring other… Continue reading Photographers Assistant

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WordPress Discover Editors’ Pick

Amongst all the usual newsletters and regular store emails one morning last week I had an email from Ben Huberman at WordPress.  I recognised the name but couldn't quite place why. The subject line was 'You're an Editors Pick on WordPress Discover!' I took a moment to try to process those few words. Some pinching… Continue reading WordPress Discover Editors’ Pick

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Wilsey Woods misty firebreak

I don't always take my camera with me on the daily dog walk. I carried it with me on this morning, even though it was misty, as I had the feeling that some opportunities would present themselves if the mist started clearing. This is the sun breaking through through the mists in one of the… Continue reading Wilsey Woods misty firebreak

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The north edge of Crackington Haven is dominated by the headland of Penkenna. When you are down walking on the beach you can see ant-like people silhouetted against the sky sometimes, walking along the footpath on the top. From sea level it looks very precarious but, although narrowing to a point and dropping steeply and… Continue reading Penkenna

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Rocks of Crackington

An alternative focus on today's visit to the beach. This time it's showing some of the famous layered and folded Crackington formation rock with the spiders web-like markings of quartz . The battering from the seas today is just the latest in the millenia of tidal actions contributing to the smooth and rounded surfaces on… Continue reading Rocks of Crackington

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Crackington Haven

The beach at Crackington changes shape and composition often. Some tides leave a healthy load of sand, making walking on it an easier and sometimes barefoot experience, but a period of heavy rainfall couple with high speed winter winds can strip it back to the bedrock or leave many tons of bitty rubble in its… Continue reading Crackington Haven