The shade

Now is not the time to be out on the moors or up on the cliffs.  There’s very little to offer cool relief or shade on the heights of North Cornwall in the UK’s current heatwave. Trees and rivers are rare –  and any trees are not very tall when there are any –  so […]

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I have posted a shot before (Photographers Assistant) of a wedge shaped tree from Warbstow Bury, which is somewhere I take the dog for a walk at least three or four times a week. In the comments someone mentioned that the tree looked like it was being blown by the wind. Up here, and in […]

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Big Skies and big discounts

When I signed up with Society6 I didn’t realise quite how hard it was going to be for anybody to purchase anything from them at full price! The discount offers seem to come thick and fast so, rather than think of a new way to tell you this news every time,  I’ve decided to take […]

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St Werburgh Church, Warbstow

This church is just a couple of miles away from us. We hadn’t been before but after a walk around the Bury it was just a hundred metres down the lane, so, having time to do it, we nipped down to have a look. It is named after a Saxon Abbess from Chester apparently and […]

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Twisting Hawthorn

It was nearly sunset at Warbstow Bury. It had been a misty day for our walk at the coast, with cloud banks sitting just out over the sea and occasionally heading inland for a couple of kilometres to give a cooler and foggy air, but it was much brighter and warmer inland. For the evening […]

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