A beach morning

The only time I can be on the beach at Crackington Haven during the summer is on a Sunday morning when the weekly beach clean takes place. A dog ban during the high tourist season means that I can’t walk Gwynnik along the shore there during the week now, so my wife and I take […]

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Cornish landscape colours

Having tried out some deliberate camera movement pictures down at the coast pretty successfully, I was keen to apply the technique to some landscape. One place that is magnificent for views – but so difficult to get that translated into deep enough pictures to show for it – is Warbstow Bury, sitting at a high […]

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Pixels Store

I mentioned on my last post that I would be putting some more pictures up for sale on my store. I have done so with the Society6 store, there are three new ones on there, as well as a slight trimming of the Black and White shots that are available. I have now also set […]

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A new style

I am going to need some new Categories and Tags for my posts on here. I have been using ‘Black and White’, ‘Landscape’, ‘Photography’.¬†That pretty much sums up the entirety of the post so I generally also use the location as well, just to make it a bit more specific. ‘Bodmin Moor’ or ‘Warbstow Bury’ […]

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