Abstract, Photography

An Unfamiliar Tree

As an alternative to the last post’s traditional B/W approach to the shot.

Doing that thing where you stand under the canopy of a tree and have a little spin is a happy thing to do on a bright Autumn day. Although, admittedly, I don’t do the full spin around myself these days due to my propensity to fall over even when I’m just standing still, so no thank you.

So what I’ve done here–because I didn’t have my light-reducing ND filter with me–is set my lowest ISO of 100 and the highest f number on the lens, f32, in order to get the slowest shutter speed possible of 1/6th of a second. Then I’ve just composed and twisted the camera as fast as I could as I pressed the shutter.

Results are variable as usual (and a photographer won’t show you the many frames that they consider complete rubbish, which is advice I will be following) but I like this one for having the impression of the brighter spot of the sky towards where the sun was and a feel of the dappled light underneath the tree.

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