Often a sight on the Cornish coastline (so are Peregrine’s, but they’re mostly moving too high or too fast for me)

Paraphrasing a Terry Pratchett line;

“Tain’t what a Kestrel looks like, it’s what a Kestrel be.”

5 thoughts on “Kestrel”

    1. Honestly, it’s not that skilful–although I don’t have autofocus, so there is a bit of skill involved getting that right (OK, it’s luck!) rather than relying on some whizzy electronics to do it.

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  1. Lovely pic, Bear. I get kestrels and petrels mixed up, which shows what an avid birder I am. My son and I found a grounded petrel on the deck of the cruise ship we were on – it was so exhausted we could hold it in our hands. We went to get some food but by then it had er… legged it, or perhaps winged.

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    1. Yep, they can hit something sometimes (who put that ship there in the middle of this ocean?) and just be dazed for a bit before clearing their heads and carrying on.
      Kestrel’s are birds of prey that are instantly recognisable for what they are doing, hovering in the air currents above verges and cliff tops, just using their wings and body gently while keeping their heads perfectly still to scan for their small rodent supper.


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