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A Bit of Space

Walking on the clifftops with, at most on the stretch of coast I am on most often, two to four people passing per hour, there is that safe feeling of having some relatively wide open space to yourself, which is of course a very valuable and reassuring sense of security currently.

But looking out to sea, I saw that there was a sense of space even greater than that and that some people appear to be enjoying even more ‘social distance’ than I was managing.

(Just in case you thought it was a speck of dust on your screen, no, there is a yacht crossing my view of the sea there.)

5 thoughts on “A Bit of Space”

    1. Actually quite unusual to see leisure yachts sailing by off the coast here, I suspect they’re very nervous of the watery graveyards that the rocks off our coast can easily be.
      They’re safe out that far though.

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