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Warbstow Bury: Revisited, but by Someone Else This Time

Yes, I know, my last post was about Warbstow Bury but this one is deliberately made to draw your attention to a post by another blogger rather than me.

Elizabeth Dale writes on Cornish Bird Blog about the historical sites of Cornwall, and researches and entertainingly recounts the many folk stories and histories attached to them.

She has just published a post about my local haunt so, if you would like to know more about the place than the somewhat brief descriptions I have occasionally supplied, please do pay a visit to her post and find out more.

Link here: Warbstow Bury – Cornwall’s Finest Iron Age Fort

If you enjoy that one, do stay a while and read about more of the many local legends and stories attached to many other places around here that aren’t on the typical tourist trails too.

Here is a gallery of shots I know I’ve taken at the Bury, although for some of them you only have my word to go on.

8 thoughts on “Warbstow Bury: Revisited, but by Someone Else This Time”

  1. That was a fascinating post, and blog! Cornwall rises on my list of future travels… And the gallery reveals how the Bury lends itself to a remarkable variety of moods. Love your colorful view of that “heathy and gorsy moorland”.

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    1. Thank you Ken. Perhaps there’s some extra clarity down here as there’s no industry or heavy traffic dirtying the atmosphere–I can’t think it’s just me!

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  2. I especially like the third image Bear, the windswept scrub tree on a steep hillside. There are places on the South Downs that look and feel very similar, where the vegetation is very open to the elements, and bears testament by its shape.

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    1. It’s a windy place alright, nothing in the way of the prevailing southwesterlys as this is the high point they hit, around 250 meters above sea level. Reminds me that there’s a viewpoint that I often see from the A39 that I must work out how to photograph one day somehow. Around 15-20 trees like this in a row lining a lane off the A39, like a column of old men stooped over while heading into the wind.


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