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Warbstow Bury

I tried to figure out which of the Dartmoor Tors is visible from the elevated and expansive view west from Warbstow Bury. It’s a favourite dog walking spot, concentric but irregularly shaped rings of banks and ditches, from somewhere around a 500BC history.

Aerial pic from, further reading here

The views out on good days can be far reaching. Towards the Moors, Bodmin and Dartmoor, and then the coast, with Bude far distant and Lundy Island out in the Bristol Channel–but it can be clear up to about 20 metres in front of your nose on a bad day.

Anyway, I’ve reverted to a good old traditional Black and White landscape style for this picture, and I think that the distant Dartmoor view is Yes Tor, around 26 miles away.

7 thoughts on “Warbstow Bury”

    1. Thanks Steve. There are a few trees on one of the other banks that have finally fallen over but the roots, although now exposed in a massive clump, are still attached to the ground enough to keep the tree alive.

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  1. You’ve got your Ansel Adams mojo going on this one! Damn that’s lovely country. And huzzah for trees being right where you want them… ^_^ Love that when I’m shooting out in the desert; I’ll post one of those on the blog soon, been missing the southwest a lot (normally I’d be in New Mexico this time of year.) My goal is to actually *learn* photography by the time I return, so I can achieve a shot like this!

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    1. Well I’ll take any comparison to Mr. Adams, even if it’s just having his mojo… 😉
      Luckily I’m always in the southwest myself, and there is a lot of lovely country here.
      Don’t forget, if learning photography and as Ansel himself knew and practised very well, that a large percentage of the final image is in making the best of the negative (image file of course these days) you got from the actual shoot, so learn that too. And may all your trees be happily placed.

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