Following Orders

Mrs B: Hey, that big red poppy has bloomed, that one one on the driveway bank you let go wild.

Me: Yeah, I saw. It’s lovely.

Mrs B: Could you take some photographs of it this time?

Me: Of course.

Mrs B: And I don’t mean any of that weird blurry whooshy stuff.

Me: Ah.

I’ll just nip out and take some more.

4 thoughts on “Following Orders”

  1. With or without whoosh, these put me in mind of Georgia O’Keeffe’s poppies for sheer intensity. That lilac heart is just phenomenal, buried in the vermilion fire. I think 5141 definitely needs to go on Redbubble… Actually, it’d be nice to pair with one of the traditional shots, but I’m having trouble deciding which. So much going on in each of them that is unique.

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