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Spring Exploding

It seems every post I put on here I start off by apologising for how long it’s been since I last posted anything here, so I’m not going to mention it all now and see if that helps.


Anyway, like pretty much the whole world, I am at home and hiding from the rest of the world in general. My dog is treating every walk up in the lanes up to about mile in either direction as a completely new thing twice a day, with it having been passed by all manner of apparently lovely smells (to a dog) but I am not quite as excited by it after a month or so.

I much prefer to be on the clifftops and beaches, alternating my walks around a number of different locations, but they are a drive away. OK, mostly only four or five miles but still, we’re not meant to be going off somewhere else if we can help it and, with MS, I’m in an ‘at risk’ immune category so I am meant to be trying not to be where anyone else is. So the lanes it is.

Of course, over the last few weeks, spring has been arriving and unfurling. At the start of lockdown the hedgerows were just showing a few green buds here and there among the bare wood, now they’re walls of green with attendant blossoms and flowers, alive with busy bird and insect life.

Exploding with life in fact.

7 thoughts on “Spring Exploding”

    1. Same… and as well as that am being a bit lazy on the ‘extending lead/wander whichever side of the road you like’ discipline, which the dog will be confused about when I start reeling her in and telling her off about it again.

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  1. I love these; they absolutely capture the frenetic exuberance of the season that is going on perfectly well with or without us (and probably especially well without us!)

    I haven’t been on WP lately for various reasons but this is one of 3 blogs that I subscribe to by email so it was great when this one came through this morning. We’ve had one last sadistic “polar vortex” drop us twenty degrees overnight here for the next several days… but it doesn’t seem to be troubling the plants or birds much, so I’m trying to take it in stride.

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    1. Thanks Sun, that’s pretty much what I was after. It’s a lilac bush at the side of the driveway, that’s as far as I can go unless I’m walking the dog!
      The nature year is indeed happy to just carry on and make use of the extra quiet… I hope that a lot of people appreciate it all more than they have done as well.
      Hope you warm up there soon.

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  2. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooow! LOVE THIS! The energy!!
    Stunning! ::applause::

    It’s great to see you. I’m glad you’re OK! At 68, I’m in an “at risk” group, too.

    This situation is challenging, annoying, frightening, and, sometimes revelatory.
    I haven’t been on WP for weeks…months. I upended everything in my life, art-wise, and am commenting here using a different account. I decided to focus on what gives me joy, which is making faces. Everything else was a distraction. I use all manner of media in the faces so I won’t be missing anything.
    Anyway —– I’m following you from my “new” account. The avatar’s the same, tho.

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    1. Even more reason to be focusing on things you enjoy more as we’re all avoiding the stalker out there.
      I’ve done similar with the other blog I was running recently, deleting it in order to change tack a bit.
      Thank you for your compliments, much appreciated.

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