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Ticking Over

As someone who has had a stroke and also has Multiple Sclerosis, I’m well used to having to use any energy I have been allowed wisely. When I’ve been exceptionally busy with work then the priority is to use it for that, because it pays! Unfortunately afterwards, or if I’ve had a period of unrelated illness like a recent cold, then there’s very often a non-negotiable physical and mental shut-down to follow.

So generally in those periods, one or two major expenditures of valuable energy – say, for instance two dog walks per day – are about my lot, interspersed with surfing (the ‘on a laptop’ kind, not the wet-suited active sort) writing and then perhaps listening to radio, podcasts or sleeping when even they get too demanding for my muffled brain and heavy body.

So, that’s mainly the reason for not posting anything here since November last year.

I’ve simply not picked up a camera at all since then because it’s been so busy and then so not busy straight after. My ability to translate what is in front of me to an image – manipulating the camera, remembering all the settings I need to change, carrying all the bloody stuff in the first place – are not the priority. Getting home and sitting/lying down again is.

But I’m not apologising to followers, you’re all going about your own lives and hardly noticed anyway I expect. That’s just the way mine is.

Anyway, I have been down to the beach any number of times, in among the many other twice daily walks in the last two months, but only took my camera with me at all on a couple of occasions recently.

I have favoured, when sitting down and looking at the pictures later (but with half a brain on the plan at the taking stage), a square format of framing.

It was relatively expensive to do this properly years ago, needing film cameras, extra equipment and materials different and separate to that which I already owned so therefore out of reach to me, but I have always found the format appealing.

It’s so easy now, with plenty of megapixels to spare and a simple cropping operation on the screen. I know some don’t like to edit pictures too far away from what was taken but, to me, finding an appealing alternative framing within your own original composition is an equal part of the whole creative process.

Prints of all of these images are available now at both my Redbubble and Society6 stores.

The Society6 store has now added Mini prints to their product suite, a very inexpensive way of getting small versions of any art you like.

Looking at mine on there, they appear to be priced from $12.00.

That’s as far towards promotion and advertising as I’m comfortable with now but it would be nice to start thinking about covering the cost of the blog being free from any other adverts!

Lastly, an apology to the other bloggers who have kindly followed, liked and commented here. I haven’t been very good at even logging in to my WordPress account, let alone going around and reading and liking other blogs I have followed, so if your kind likes and appreciation here look a bit unreturned and one-sided, that’ll be why.

11 thoughts on “Ticking Over”

  1. Au contraire mon ami. You have been missed. While I also have been absent for a while, not for the same reasons as yourself, but because I’m just in a funk as I hate winter, my government, your government and people who take up more than their one allotted parking space. Among other things.
    I also haven’t picked up my camera in earnest for a while. Not sure why, but I know I miss it.
    I absolutely love your header photo and the one with the black rocks cropped in a “Dare to be square-like” format.
    Take care and slow down and smell the Stargazy Pie.

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  2. Excellent — I love supporting artists at Society6. I certainly relate to the challenge of simply logging in lately… But your absence has indeed been felt, and thanks for checking in with some beautiful images. Especially exotic to me at the moment, watching the next foot of falling snow swirl under the street lamps…

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    1. Thank you Sun. Don’t let the sunlight fool you though, there was a distinctly raw and chilly northerly whistling through at the time – not feet of snow or minus figures centigrade though!

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  3. I did notice an absence of photography, but it’s important to look after yourself, especially when you have underlying health issues (speaking as a fellow chronic illness-er).

    It’s great to see your work again! I particularly like the first one of the messy waves that just come into focus in the foreground.

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    1. Thanks Lucy. Whenever you see more writing in the other place and less activity here, you can safely assume that I’m not up and about as much!
      That panning with a wave technique can yield some great results but it is not one I’m a master of yet… ie ninety nine ‘failed’ frames to every one I like!

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  4. I, like you, was diagnosed with MS(2002). Fortunately, mine has been mild. Symptoms are two things- random,and weird. I have not experienced the consequences of stroke. The thought of one is unsettling. You must find that hard. I have experienced Cancer 3 times. I lost my tongue, and nearly my life. I liked the clear shot of water flowing through the rocks. 12 years and counting. One day at a time. Thanks!

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    1. Well, I am sure that most of us go through our various health trials but I’m glad to hear that your cancer has been beaten back successfully each time.
      The MS, like yours, was described as ‘mild’ by the neurologist that diagnosed me. That comes and goes but the residual effects of the stroke linger daily.


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