Abstract, Photography


I don’t know what to tell you about this one, apart from it is a single frame, not created in Photoshop proper photograph, of a household object – although admittedly not any other household will have a piece of unique Mrs H glass art, created by fusing together different, hand-cut glass shapes in sea-inspired colours.

Anyway, with both the original object and the photographic style used unlikely to happen just the same way ever again, it’s certainly going to be a one-off.

9 thoughts on “Fused”

  1. A singular piece of art, for sure. I envy the excitement you must feel for these creations. I dabble in abstract painting – it is more of a slow burn of satisfaction (or discontentment).Bravo Bryntin.


    1. – Puts on Bryntin voice –
      Thanks Wilt, I’ll hand back to Bear, he’s much more sensible… 😉

      Sorry Wilt, just messing with you there… what’s new eh?
      Yep, the process itself is a little unpredictable but I do feel pretty satisfied (and excited) when I can see a composition I like leap out from the frame. Mind you, there are a lot of (unseen here) discontentments for me too!


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