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Return to the Beach

The summer season ban for taking dogs on the beach has lifted now. I have been busy with running the chalet rental but I do manage to take a walk or two down there among the rocks, pools, seaweed and sand again now.

The rocks in the foreground here aren’t always visible, it depends on how much sand has either been stripped away – or brought back again – on the changes of the tides and the weather conditions driving them.

PS: I have noticed that my current design theme doesn’t allow you to zoom up a picture in a new tab any more (yes, I should have realised that a lot earlier than now…) so it might not respond to the ‘tap on the picture to enlarge’ today but it actually might by the time you’re reading this.

PPS Figured out that I have to post a picture as a Gallery, even when there’s only one. Should be working now!

14 thoughts on “Return to the Beach”

    1. Yes, thanks Ellen, I realised in the end that it wasn’t me that’s changed, it’s WordPress.

      There seem to be a lot of things going on which are always steering you towards paying for things now – I think they have had some change in focus more towards monetising than they ever had before.

      I noticed on a theme hunt (when I thought it was just me changing it that changed the facility for larger pics) that free-to-use themes are severely limited by comparison now.

      I don’t begrudge them aiming for generating some money for a good product but it does seem now that the editor is full of their own not-so-subtle encouragements to spend ever more on plans, themes and whatnot… I’ll pay but don’t want to be surrounded and shaken down every time I come here!

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  1. Some feedback on the way you’ve displayed the photo here Bear –
    1. In the post itself, it’s a really decent size, well done! (So many photo blogs don’t seem to want to show us their photos at a decent size and free from surrounding distraction!)
    2. When you click, you get it even bigger, with a black frame which, er, frames, the picture very well and enhances the viewing experience further. Like the “Lightbox” feature they have in Flickr where you press L to enlarge the image and remove all the surrounding text etc. Even better.
    3. When you click on the full size link, you then get it even larger, for those who might want to crawl over every corner of the image and appreciate the thought that went into the image. Fantastic.
    In summary, an excellent example of how photographers can optomise their blog to show their photos in their full glory. I’ll be sending others here to take notes!

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    1. Thanks for the feedback Dan. Just an issue with some ghost links showing on the pages menu on the top right there now… awaiting WordPress response.
      You used to be able to position a picture and select how it opened but I think they updated Guttenburg and I didn’t notice it then.


      1. Yes I noticed those hovering little chain links but as the photo presentation was so good and this is something I’ve literally just posted (complained!) about on my blog, I forgot about those little ghosts…

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  2. Issue sorted very quickly by the little WordPress pixies, so now I am left with using a new theme when all I wanted to do really was work out what was up with my pictures not enlarging…
    Never mind, I think it does look clean and understated so I am pretty happy really!


    1. Thank you Wilt.
      You see everyone, happy customer! 😉

      I have just returned from an evening walking down there now actually… no camera this time though, quick dog walk and exercise session and home in time to cook some dinner!


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