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Rusey and High Cliff

Two ever so slightly different images of the view of the coast, looking north from one of my favourite walks on the clifftops. Every time I go there, at least once a week, I can watch Seals, Peregrines and Kestrel, plus many assorted seabirds like Guillemot and Cormorant and all the usual gulls. This time of year there are also Skylark doing their singing displays and hundreds of assorted butterflies.

The difference is mainly in the shutter speed used (slight framing difference too), the slightly slower speed one blurring out all the grass details, the faster one leaving a few ghostly remnants of them and a slight suggestion of the sea getting in at the edge of the frame.

Clicking on an image brings it up full screen. I think the one on the right with more texture to see wins, but I couldn’t really decide on which one I liked best so I posted both.

6 thoughts on “Rusey and High Cliff”

  1. You touched on a dilemma I’ve experienced when we move away from conventional photography. Once you become abstract, the variations are infinite and a great number of them are equally likeable. When you want an image to look like the scene itself, it’s easy(ish) to measure “success” – you already know what it looks like. With the abstracts you’re off down a never ending pathway of potentially multiple triumphs!

    PS/ I can’t decide between your two photos either. I like the more impressionistic field in the first one, but also like the greater detail of the flowers in the second. Which is sort of a contradiction. Arghh, see what I mean! 🙂

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    1. I am also in trouble in deciding which (or if indeed, any) seaglass abstracts I like the most to post up next.


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