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Two Clifftop Views

The fields on the clifftops are no more or less productive than the inland ones, they just have a more spectacular background and there is always a cooling breeze running through the grasses and the crops.

Clifftop Meadow
Clifftop Wheat Field

Both of theses images are now available on the Redbubble store, which I have been culling and refreshing. Link here.

4 thoughts on “Two Clifftop Views”

  1. Ah I love a good meadow!

    The top shot reminds me of a few experiments I did by having a lens on its minimum focus (probably about 0.5m) then shooting across a meadow so everything was blurred, and it looked a bit like a Monet or similar impressionist painting.


    1. I do have a more Monet-like hedgerow shot that uses both limited depth and the movement… I’ll post it separately.


  2. Love that second shot. It makes me want to touch the softness. Not knowing anything about photography, it interests me how, in this shot, the colors are so deep and true when the image is soft and out of focus. It’s almost like the blurred image makes the colors pop.

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    1. Thanks Lisa.
      Yes, I think that’s what I like about using this technique, it’s the essentials of the light and the colours with only a suggestion of the details.


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