A side-hustle

There are people shuddering now.

I can almost see the winces as yet another trendy and newish phrase is used and, by it’s use, strengthening its case for inveigling its way officially into the English dictionaries. Sorry about that. But of course, the English language has been doing this for centuries, so I’m allowing myself a little schadenfreude for those types that get upset about it. Our language changes and evolves, so you have to move with it I think.

But in the interest of fulfilling the modern idiom of a’ side-hustle’, otherwise known in the old days as ‘I have another project on the go and I’m going to use this space which is not really for that project but I’ll put it here because at least some more eyeballs will happen upon it’, here’s a new one of mine.

An ‘advertisement’ if you will.

A private, self-contained and self-catering Airbnb chalet, looking over the beach which features in a lot of my photography, and is also of course a popular starting or ending point for most of the cliff walking I do around its environs. But mainly ending point so there’s a good excuse to stop and have a cream tea at one of the cafe’s at the end.

A link here.

July and August are already gone, one week after going live, but there’s plenty of year left and you can even get a booking in for next year if you fancy.

Anyway, I thought I’d just reach out. (That was just there to make ‘Angry from Tunbridge Wells’ even more furious.)

6 thoughts on “A side-hustle”

  1. It looks lovely and quite evocative! It is similar to a wonderful old house that we rented off the Oregon Coast, in LIncoln City. Breathtaking views of the ocean, if you squint, you can see Japan. (not really, owing to the curvature of the earth). If I ever venture to England (and nothing is out of the question) I shall keep this in my back pocket. How far is Cornwall from Bournemouth?

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    1. Looks to be about a three hour trip (I know you Canadians measure how long the drive is by time, 145 miles for anyone else… a shopping trip for you!) It would be really cool to show you around here!


      1. A trip to Seattle is about 3 hours, 220 km, yes, we go as a shopping trip, things are, not surprisingly, cheaper in the States. We drove to San Fran once, 1500 km, 15 hour drive if you took no breaks or were a robot. There’s nothing I’d love more than to see your area though!

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