Windswept Black and White

I don’t think I’ve posted any of the intentional movement images that I’ve made in black and white before.

I do occasionally try out converting a few in post-processing but rarely find anything worthwhile. I think this is because I am not intending for most of my abstract shots to be in monochrome when I’m actually shooting them. The tonal values of the random streaks and splashes of the colour that please me on the screen when I’m viewing them just disappear into a confusing mush when simply hoping to make a viable B&W image from them instead.

This one was different because I actually set out with the idea of the shot being a B&W in the first place.

Yes, unusually, I planned a shot and what I wanted it to look like before I took it. I don’t expect it’ll happen often.

The idea was, in a still frame, to evoke the feeling of the winds blowing that make the exposed trees in the higher Cornish coastal landscapes the peculiar shapes that they are as they struggle to grow regardless.

I like this one so I will definitely look out for occasions where I think it will suit the treatment again.

If you like this image enough to consider owning a print, then it is – minus copyright signature – now available on the Redbubble store here, in a wide choice of formats.

3 thoughts on “Windswept Black and White”

  1. I agree Bear, I very rarely convert a picture original made in colour to b/w, in the hope it will look better. I think if you’re going to shoot b/w, commit from the outset, and look for the compositions, light, shadow, texture and shapes that will suit b/w.

    This is why I like shooting with digital cameras with screens, where you can set a b/w mode and see what the final image will look like on screen. It’s so much easier than shooting b/w film where you have to constantly try to imagine and convert to b/w in your head.

    I like the different direction of this one. It reminds me of trees along Ditchling Beacon on the South Downs near where I live, which are scrappy and scrubby and whose branches often seem to all stretch out horizontally as they’re almost constantly windswept that way… You know how parents say, when you pull a face they disapprove of, “your face will stay like that if the wind changes”? It’s like that, the wind has sculpted the way the trees have grown.

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    1. Yep, I use b/w mode for the viewfinder when specifically shooting for it too. I have got used to ‘seeing’ in b/w after many SLR years but it makes sense to use the help when it’s there.

      I made many ugly faces on windy days. There must have been something in it.


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