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Still Blurry but Closer

I was over on 35hunter reading one of Dan’s series on close-up equipment (yes, I know, my last post was about not being overly concerned with equipment but generally I read most of what Dan posts, even when it’s equipment focused – and this is one of the types of photography where a variety of specific equipment is required. He has great pictures and interesting comment discussions too).

It reminded me that I have a proper close-up Macro lens and the thought struck me that I might be able to use it creatively in tandem with the abstraction technique (read: more blurry splodges but closer). Especially as spring is now bursting out properly and bringing things to colourful life.

Unfortunately the filter ring on the lens (technical stuff again) is slightly smaller than the light reducing ND filter I have, but luckily it fits over the important part of the lens with me holding it there (back to ‘making do’). A proper step ring is on the way to help out with this to make it fit properly but there is this manual dexterity involved at present.

Anyway, some results from a magnolia that is currently flowering in the garden.

Of course, I could just take straight well-composed and sharp close-up shots with it, but there’d be no unpredictable fun in that. Also, it is likely that there will now follow more blurry but closer pictures of all sorts of things because, well why not?

Some Seaglass abstracts have already been uploaded to my Redbubble store, the Magnolias will be there soon too.

8 thoughts on “Still Blurry but Closer”

    1. Thank you Angela, I enjoy finding something different and the unexpected in my results.
      (I’ve looked at and followed your site too… wow!)

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    1. Oh hello She! I’m glad you find it interesting and additionally, how lovely to see you. I must admit that, for various reasons, I haven’t been following other blogs very well so I apologise for not having been around to yours recently.


  1. Oh these are lovely Bear. I know from experience that magnolia petals have a very soft almost chalky looking kind of texture, neither smooth nor shiny like some flowers, so these kind of photographs accentuate both that texture and how the pinks and whites graduate into each other.

    Look forward to seeing more from your newly rediscovered macro lens!

    Oh and thanks for the 35hunter mention!

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