Not the View

I’ve been down at the beach taking a few of my little abstracts of the stream running across the pebbles. It’s busier down there now with the half-term holidays starting and other people are doing the holiday making things with the kids, taking their shots of the ocean and the dramatic views.

I, however, am ignoring the dramatic views and apparently randomly facing a camera downwards at a tiny part of the stream and taking little sweeps. Anyone observing me is probably thinking ‘What’s that nutter up to…’

Well… this sort of thing.

I never know exactly what I’m going to get, although I can see where the colours and shapes are and predict how they will record. It’s the highlights glinting in the sun which record as random lines, or some motion of the water tumbling over the pebbles which is sometimes caught sharp when my sweep matches it’s speed exactly. That’s where the unpredictable is happening.

We did take a break to do this sort of thing as well though.

Yes, that’s meant to be a turtle hoping to escape the shark circling nearby…

14 thoughts on “Not the View”

  1. I really like the fourth image (the first large one), where there are tiny droplets/streams of water caught in sharp focus against the abstract background. I like the contrast between real and abstract. I used to have a book on Mark Rothko (heaven knows why I don’t have it any more, I’m still a big fan) and his earlier paintings featured more recognisable shapes and figures with an abstract colour field backgrounds. Then his later work encompassed the backgrounds fully and dropped the foreground shapes. So anyway, it reminds me of an early Rothko in that sense.

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    1. Not familiar with him Dan (but I will be thanks to the internet). I like it when that happens too although it is rare to match up my sweep speed with the water droplets, despite sometimes having that aim.


  2. It makes me happy to see you pursuing a passion. These images have a mood to them – whether that fulfills the fugitive nature of art, I don’t know. No letters behind my name. Keep it up! I will be dropping by the store for a look round, maybe contribute to your unquenchable thirst for tea.

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  3. I’ve purchased your abstracts in card form, and plan to frame each, as per your kind suggestion. The next dessert entering your mouth may have been paid for by yours truly, Bear!

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