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Rusey Cliffs and Lundy

When I went out yesterday it was a little cloudy but bright. As I got to the beginning of the track that leads out to the coast path, where the view over the ocean opens out, I could see that there was a weather front just threatening to travel up the Bristol Channel and perhaps dump a little rain on us.

The island visible on the horizon, already underneath the approaching weather front, is Lundy. At this point on the coast it’s about 30 miles away.

We proceeded to head down the cliff, as the cloud seemed to be sitting above the channel rather than threatening us with an imminent soaking.

I was correct about that, but only for about an hour. And scrambling back upwards again was, as well as in driving rain by that stage, quite a lot harder than the getting down.

Never mind, I wrung the dog out and dried off myself when we got back to the car and was pleased with a number of abstract shots I managed before the light went and the rain arrived.

As usual, click any picture for either a bigger version of it or the slide show.

8 thoughts on “Rusey Cliffs and Lundy”

    1. Hi Wilt, the top B/W and all three abstracts are on the Redbubble store now, along with some other new ones.


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