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I logged in to my Twitter account this morning to find a lovely tweet from Lucy, super-talented creator behind the Silence Killed the Dinosaurs blog.

This was a surprise because I normally get an email from Redbubble when I make a print sale and I hadn’t seen this one. Then I remembered that Lucy also sells on Society6 and that I still had my account there. They don’t email me.

Sure enough, on logging in to my account there was the pending transaction, waiting for me to look and find it.

I always love to see where my photographs are ending up, but as Lucy lives in Australia somewhere (I am aware this is not very accurate and that Australia is very big but that’s as close as I know) I think the distance record has already been set!

Anyway, for the record, the Society6 store is still open and active at:

and the Redbubble one is at:

Painfully, I am still on hamster-wheel powered internet at home, so I can deal with the Redbubble uploader that works – eventually.

The Society6 one seems to still be so temperamental that I can manage updates on it only when I feel particularly patient and can deal with the spinning animation that can just stop doing anything after five minutes and asks you to try again.

Anyway, here’s a picture I tried to upload in print resolution this morning but without success as either the wind was wrong, it was too cloudy or the hamster was hungry or something. It will be available as a print as soon as I’ve diced some carrot.

6 thoughts on “Surprise”

  1. I have those moments with society6 too. I only check my sales occasionally because usually there isn’t anything to see. But once in a while there is, and it’s delightful.

    (PS, it’s still doing very well on the wall. Just so you know.)

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    1. I love how that shot is taken just a mile away from where I’m sitting and a print of it is now on a wall in Oz. šŸ™‚
      I shall have an extra custard cream with my cup of tea today and dunk it in a toast to another happy customer.

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