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Thursday Doors: St Ives, Cornwall

Well, well. November 7th since I last posted anything here.

Excuses and explanations? Um… no, not really. It’s just part of the ebb and flow of life.

At this time of year we are more likely to be battered, drenched or frozen by weather that makes strolling around or generally loitering with a camera, without the purpose of getting inside and out of it as soon as possible, a little less likely.

Yes, there is that adage of it only being bad weather because of the lack of the ‘correct’ clothing but it’s still difficult to shake the feeling that we’d still be covered in fur (and in my case, even more fat) if we were evolved to be outside in it a lot.

I prefer dry, indoors, warm fire, no need for being covered in six inches of ‘performance’ fabrics thank you.

And the other thing is that I haven’t really felt like it. As you can tell, I am well beyond feeling any pressure to just post anything just to make it look like something is happening. It isn’t so I haven’t.

Having said that, we just had a mini-break down in St Ives with some friends. For the three days we were there, a storm was passing through with 50mph winds and rain showers that were likely to challenge the best outdoors clothing. The light was mostly flat and the overall weather conditions mainly of the ‘avoiding it’ sort. However, a few shots were attempted between visits to pubs.

I’ll be honest, I need to be alone in a place for a while to let it seep in. For me, being with other people doesn’t allow the necessary mindset, to wander, see things quietly and getting tuned in to a place without someone making you ‘hurry up’ or ‘come and look at this’. To observe properly, I need to be just observing it, not living it myself.

Looking over the meagre amount of shots from the weekend, I can see the hurry and rush, the too-fast ISO and too small aperture, the cramped compositions, the slightly off-focus and the overall just not-getting-things-right because it wasn’t just me wondering about and I was grabbing and going too much.


Anyway, having not taken part in Thursday Doors for a while, I’d better catch up with the number of doors posted…


That’ll take care of that then.

In the old town near the harbour and quay, most of the original cottages in the maze of cobbled and narrow streets are now either a holiday rental, an artists studio or gallery, or a shop or eating establishment of some sort. When I was hanging around outside one of these, waiting for my party to explore, I probably looked like this but without the dog.

Escaping the shops for a while, we managed to walk up to ‘the Island’, a small headland with a couple of buildings on it. First was the St Nicholas Chapel, probably photographed endlessly by millions of smartphone cameras. Is mine any different? Only possibly in the fact that it is meant to be about the door and only has half the chapel in it.

Also on this headland is the Gun Battery, the various uses of the buildings here starting with a gun emplacement overlooking the north coast and being the first opportunity to blow up Napoleon 111 (not that one, the famous one’s nephew) if he chose to head up to invade Bristol in about 1859.

Here I found a couple of doors, one outside what was possibly a small barracks building originally and the other now a lookout for the National Coastwatch, that seemed to be positioned to ensure that, even if you were taking care of some personal business, you would have a good view of what was going on at sea.

Clicking on any of the pictures should bring it up in full size and a new tab.

I have noticed today that the follower widget thing has now ticked over into four figures which seems to demand a little recognition from me.


Seriously, thanks to all those who have liked my pictures and posts and have chosen to add my site to your reader list.

Now, if you’d all kindly pop off to my Redbubble store now and buy a nice print, that would be lovely, thank you. If the shot you really like isn’t there, or if you have anything else to say, just let me know via the contact form.

Please do visit Norm Framptons site here for many other door pictures from around the world by people who are probably more enthusiastic than me at the moment.

8 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: St Ives, Cornwall”

  1. Good on you for braving the winter weather. We have similar conditions here but probably a bit wetter so I know how difficult it is to keep motivated about taking outdoor photographs in the winter months. I love the b/w shot of the man and dog but they are all great images.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, glad you’ve enjoyed them. 🙂
      Wrapping up dry and warm and getting the walks in (my dog needs it’s daily airings) as necessary only!


    1. It is, I suspect that on a nice day in the summer you wouldn’t see that as they’d all be open and have people sat around outside the huts/cabins/cells /whatever they are.


  2. Bear
    After enjoying your pictures, I long to return to England. I have not been since 83, when I lived there for awhile. With my (supposedly) adult brain, I am sure I would get more out of the it, without the feeling of homesickness imbuing everything.

    Liked by 1 person

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