Abstract, Photography


The ICM technique (longer than technically correct shutter speeds, handheld and in daylight) normally has me moving the camera during the exposure but in this one the reeds were waving around in the breeze. So on a few shots I managed to get my camera movement ‘in synch’ with the reeds waving around, creating a small amount of sharpness coupled with the more abstract blurring I normally get with the technique.

I like this one as the lower leaves form a ladder for your eye to climb up towards the reed’s flower wafting about and I like the clouds in the background filling the space and giving some context.



5 thoughts on “Reeds”

    1. Thank you, I was happy with the series I took there. When I get round to it I’ll be posting that one up as a print to buy on my Redbubble store I think.


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