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Thursday Doors: Boat Houses

This could be an occasional niche within the niche that is Thursday Doors. So that’s a nice niche niche then.


Anyway, Cornwall, being almost an island on the south-western end of the British Isles mainland, is of course a seafaring place and a lot of the small villages grew up, both in population and size of settlement, around the geography where access to the sea was easier.

Anywhere that had a cove where the sea lapped the land on a gently angled shelf instead of smashing at the normal rocks and cliffs, became a great place to build and perhaps keep a place below your dwelling for the valuable boat that hopefully was on the way to earning you your fortune.

So here are a few boat house doors.

Later perhaps the boat might have had its own house but in the early days of you harvesting from the sea you might have built a small house where you lived above. Both you and your boat nice and safe from whatever the sea was doing.

These pictures were taken at Gorran Haven, on the south coast near Mevagissey.

Click on a picture for full sized versions.




The third one has a few signs and adverts so I thought I’d add an advert of my own.

I’m involved with a humour blog called O4FS, you may see signs of my ever-present irreverence and playing with language breaking in here occasionally when I’m in the mood.

It’s a new enterprise that you might have the right mindset to see the tongue-in-cheek approach or find funny. If you don’t have it, not to worry, perhaps just carry on visiting here for the nice pictures and we’ll say nothing more about it.

If you have a minute to have a read (current readership: 12, but it has only been two weeks) then please find a link about here.

Remember, nobody will know you did press it.

Except all the intelligence agencies and some Latvian teenagers.


For more doors on this fine Thursday, follow this link to Norms place, peruse his selection and then click on the blue frog link up.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Boat Houses”

    1. Hi Janet, thank you.
      I have done a couple before but have had a bit of a break from posting anything for a while. Glad you liked them. 🙂


      1. In that case, glad you’re back. 🙂 I understand taking a break from posting. I now take one every time I go on a trip, so I can just enjoy the trip and post when I get home. I love it, but it can be hard to keep up, especially with other blogs.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I have MS so sometimes my energies for being enthusiastic about much at all can get low, as well as being less keen for getting out and about (there can be a lot of sleep!)
          Recharging can take a while sometimes. 🙂


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