Sea Anglers, Crackington Haven

Apparently there was some form of fishing competition as the sun set on this recent windy and dramatic looking evening, which may explain the anglers wasting no time in getting out on to their favoured positions on the rocks. The waves were not quite finished with the rocks yet, luckily the dramatic cloud cover held off from adding more water to the scene.



Of course, I have B&W versions…

7 thoughts on “Sea Anglers, Crackington Haven”

  1. Whenever I see a sunset I feel obliged somehow to capture it only in colour, as the colours are usually the most impressive aspect about it. But I like here that your b/w image is for me more dramatic and impressive. Well done for sticking with the b/w option and making it work.

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    1. Thanks Dan.
      Yes, two different things to depict so I’m glad the use of the colour and B&W do offer the different feeling and emphasis that I hoped for them.


    1. It’s lovely when you get the sunlit and stormy conditions together, bugger to expose for both in one frame though!


  2. I love these, both of them.
    I see you’re on Redbubble. I used to sell on there years ago (I did/do other art as well as my current ‘thing’). If they still offer it as a printing surface, look into their metal paper – it’s fabulous to print on and I think some of your photographs would look great on it. Try a sample for yourself first (I found that getting one sheet of small versions (a bit bigger than thumbnails) printed up on an A4 or A3 sheet, worked well to see what looked right and what didn’t).


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