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After my last picture using relative simplicity I have gone to the other extreme. Autumn is now arriving and the countryside around us is of course preparing for the shorter days and colder times. I think I’ve managed to get many of the colours of the landscape around us now into this picture of some bracken.

I used the technique of applying intentional movement during a long exposure but with a ‘standing start’ moment of stillness before twisting the camera. This allows some of the detail of the plant structure to register as fairly solid before the movement starts, then it all gets a bit random!

Remember clicking on the image opens it in a new tab if you like.


7 thoughts on “Transition”

    1. If they’re screaming then photograph them. Shouldn’t waste it. The skill set is mainly the seeing, there’s a lot of computing power to handle the rest these days if you like and then you learn more control as you go.

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  1. Well said. I like that the heavy lifting is a thing of the past, I no longer have a younger man’s back. Anyway, I am content to look at others’ work for now. I’m sure Picasso said something profound about that, but it eludes me.

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