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Calm during the Storms

The weather (and the political world) have been providing some dramatic entertainment this week. As I mentioned in my post on Thursday, our walks outdoors this week have been more about dodging the strong winds and ferocious showers than any photography.

So I thought I’d post up a picture for the weekend which was taken a few weeks ago. Although it was a grey and misty sky on that day, hopefully the restrained palette and simple, delicate structures are a calming antidote.

A reminder; clicking on the picture brings it up in a new tab on its own.


5 thoughts on “Calm during the Storms”

  1. Me likey! I have a series I did of tree leaves. Without blurring it, I hyper expose, which whitens out most any sky and lightens the leaves to wonderful colors. When I get my photoblog up and running (I’m working on it ….really), I’ll showcase some of them. What is the template you’re using here?

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    1. Thank you. No trick to this really, it is my panning long exposure (1/5 sec.) on a single stem that was standing proud of the hedge above me. The light itself was so diffuse because of the sea mist that had rolled in – it was on a cliff top walk – so there was effectively nothing as a background and no shadows at all.

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