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Thursday Doors: Many Storms

This week has largely been grey, windy, wet, and frankly making me feel like getting started on the hibernation that bears are known for. Officially the UK was in the grips of Storm Ali over the last couple of days with gusts of wind exceeding 80mph in the north of the country.

Not hurricane or typhoon territory but enough bad weather to give us weather obsessed Brits something to tut about and do the now standard joke of posting a picture of a blown over plastic garden chair with an ironic “Absolute carnage in #StormAli” comment to make light of the situation on our social media.

Anyway, it hasn’t really been the weather for wondering about curiously this week. Dog walking has been limited to a ‘get out, get the job done and return to the cave’ necessity only. I have seen a few doors that will need a lot better light to reveal their richness of character and textures than we have managed to get this week.

So I have trawled the archive of not yet processed files and found these two pictures of sheds that have witnessed and largely survived many storms I suspect. These are the rainy days I was saving them for apparently.

I have also returned to Black and White for these. I did colour ones last week so that’s enough of that for a long time now.

Note, I have now figured out how to make shots open bigger and in a new tab when you click on them, so feel free to give that a go for the full doors effect. Once you have it like that, you can click on it again and get even closer if you dare. Or you could revisit the one I posted last week and see if you can find the snail.

DSC04962Jul 20 2018 2This one is on the banks of Bude canal and perhaps in need of a trim.


This one is typical of the older outbuildings here, stone built and the roof made with Delabole slate, mined about 6 miles away from here since the 15th century. Not long after they finished building it, someone parked their flatbed trailer there and said ‘I’ll be back for that dreckly…’

With the missing slate and a hole in the door, possibly it’s a little draughty now as well.

This picture was actually taken last autumn, I see from a recent walk up to the village that the building collapsed on the left of the shot has now fallen completely. The remaining pile of rubble is in a roped off area and marked with a traffic cone to give it 100% safety.


Posted for Thursday Doors.
If you like doors and want to explore more around the world, nip off to Norms blog on this link here and then follow the blue frog link at the bottom of his Thursday Doors post.

8 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Many Storms”

    1. Yep, got to remember to get some in the bank as soon as the sun comes out! πŸ˜‰
      (Update: Looking at the forecast, may be a tight squeeze to get some in next week!)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re out-of-the-way and, with the size of the holes in them, some of them aren’t really as in-the-way as they should be! πŸ˜‰


  1. Greetings Bear! After this busy week, i feel like hiding out in your first photo. Indeed, i have a few friends who’d be beating me out of the way to get there. My daughter had a dance audition for a local production by the Melbourne ballet Company and we had to detour via a not so local dance shop on the way as she’d grown out of her shoes. I felt like I’d died somewhere along the way and was spent. the annoying thing was that i didn’t even get my walk in. I was just sitting in the driver’s seat.
    Hope you’re having a great week.
    Best wishes,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, sudden arrival of tiredness often happens to me too Rowena.
      In what I call a ‘lull’ I can work sitting at the computer most of the morning and feel like I’m doing fine. Then I take Gwynnik out for our longer walk of the day and I can feel the energy almost leaking out of my shoes half way! Come home and sleep for the rest of the day.
      Due for more storms this weekend so gloomy outlook (weather wise) for a while yet… I have one more reserved door pic!!


    1. Thank you.
      And yes, the ironic meme use was funny for precisely one use but it seems some can’t resist after ‘discovering’ the joke.
      May all the rest of your earthquakes be plastic-chair meme worthy ones. ☺

      Liked by 1 person

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