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Sharp & Incoming at Crackington

Is anyone tired of abstract sea and waves pictures yet?

A slight difference in this one. With my sweeping panning movement I seem to have more or less matched the speed of the nearest waves, thereby keeping them relatively sharp compared with the rest of the scene. This has given me an effect that I didn’t plan but, as ever, have learned from and can now try again deliberately.


Some site news

I have finally found out how to do what I have seen some other photographic bloggers (and possibly everyone else except me) seemingly knew already.

How to get my pictures to open full size in a new tab.

So now starts the process of editing every entry on the site to make them all do this. If you want to see how up to date I have got with this, try clicking any image you like to get a big version of it with no distractions in a new browser tab.

If anyone else wants to do this and doesn’t know how, there is this link to a place where WordPress explain it, which was easy enough to find when I was actually looking properly.

2 thoughts on “Sharp & Incoming at Crackington”

    1. Hi Juliette, yep, a lot of these movement ones do have a painting look. It doesn’t suit all the more ‘normal’ photo subjects but it is fun to try.


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