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Abstract Additions (and more normal stuff)

I deliberately haven’t mentioned print stores for a while. Using the internet is a constant stream of tick box and permission enabling at the moment, together with appeals by newspapers for subscriptions and finding the actual content you went for within the site, probably hiding between the increasingly strident adverts.

Even so, I have to keep mentioning it in order to give it a chance of doing some business!

I have set up stores on Society6 and Pixels previously. I have struggled with updating both of those from home, mainly because I live in a rural area of low population density –  and about 3 km shy of a telecoms system that provides the broadband speeds that others might find ‘normal’. Both of these sites can take ages to seemingly be uploading a picture and then conk out at the end with no warning and ask you to start again. Frustrating.

This is also the reason I’m not updating a Flikr account I have very often, it’s just not practical – or I don’t have the patience – to upload the best quality images on it. The same difficulties lie behind not using online streaming movie services; even the BBC iPlayer needs the wind in the right direction to play a program from it. For the blog the images are reduced in size and therefore data amount and, although occasionally dropping out, they generally transfer fine in the end.

The Redbubble uploader seems to work better. Even if it’s still pretty slow on my connection I get a nice progress meter where I can tell if there’s a glitch and it rarely drops out. Feedback about product quality and customer service from them is good and there are many European fulfilment sites so there aren’t  hidden customs charges on prints – beware if you’re in the UK and fancy a clock or phone case with an image on though, some of them seem to still come from the US.

So I uploaded a new image to the Redbubble store this morning, one of my abstract waves series. Photographic prints are really very inexpensive, starting from only £8.50 but there is a full product range encompassing many different types and styles including framed prints, art prints and canvases. Bloggers and artists may like the two different styles of notebooks they offer too.

So in future I’ll probably only do fresh pictures on the Redbubble store until the internet providers realise we exist too and get us wired in to the rest of civilisation.

Advertorial ends. 🙂

Incoming Waves-05936.jpg

Redbubble Store Link


5 thoughts on “Abstract Additions (and more normal stuff)”

  1. Tell me about the “constant stream of tick box and permission enabling”. Since GDRP came in it’s such a laborious experience browsing sites, and some sites, even with decent broadband, are so ad laden they crawl along at times. I’ve been on eBay a bit lately and it’s very slow to load pages, and Gumtree is even worse. Horrible experience.

    Almost gone are the days when you get lost for hours into a rabbit warren of almost never ending text written by people even more geeky than yourself writing about your new favourite topics, and all without a single subscription request, cookie permission or advert… It’s very strange feeling nostalgic about the internet’s “good old days” already!

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    1. I’d just like to be nostalgic about ‘Do you remember when the internet was only available in 2.5mb connection speeds? Ha, those were the days…’


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