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Thursday Doors

There is a thing I keep seeing on Twitter where people post pictures of doors. It’s a running series by Norman Frampton on his blog at Norm 2.0

“Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world.”

This may have started off a little bit tongue-in-cheek but I can see the appeal of doors photographically. They will generally be set in a building of some sort that will provide framing around it and also offer a near infinite and unique mixture of textures and colours. Except when it’s black and white of course, that’s just textures.

So I thought I’d keep an eye out for a good door and I quickly saw the other benefit of doors photographically, which is that there are quite a lot of them.

I stopped off at the abandoned buildings at Davidstow Airfield yesterday for taking some photos for another project, deliberately because it was a showery grey day which suited the atmosphere I was after. I’ll probably post those later but I came across this door on one of the buildings and thought it would make a good start for taking part in Norm’s panapoly of portals.

The author of the sentence ‘Your Mum I’ was not available to explain what it meant so we will have to leave it to speculation. Perhaps they had to leave before they finished.

Links to other people’s door photos here.

14 thoughts on “Thursday Doors”

  1. I’ve been unofficially photographing doors for some years but have never joined the “Thursday Doors” club.

    Intriguing message on yours, and it does make you wonder why it stops where it does. It reminds me of a comedy show years ago with David Baddiel and Rob Newman where they dressed as old professors and threw various insults at each other (and each other’s families) always with the line “that’s you that is”…

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  2. When I was on Google+ for a while before I was hacked and forbidden to enter my own domain, I belonged to a community for door photography. Lots of great doors around the world, and it was fun to participate.


    1. The Doors… and Yes? 😉
      Yep, I can already see there are a lot of door enthusiasts out there, check out the link list for some more.

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  3. Welcome to Thursday Doors! So glad you found us and decided to dip your toes in the water 😀
    Like you I’m thinking whoever was writing this message had to leave in a hurry. Maybe one day they’ll come back and complete the sentence.


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