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Offshore Mists Two

I posted a straight black and white shot of the Cambeak headland at Crackington wearing its little offshore cloud yesterday. Regular followers will know I’ve been trying the alternative abstract intentional camera movement technique on pretty much everything as well, so of course I tried it here too.

My alone time – well, at least without dog minding duties, there were plenty of other humans about – allows me to take more time to actually think and try stuff without ball throwing and treat dispensing having to take place between shots, hence a variety of alternatives were tried without any canine insistence that we really should be getting on with the more important stuff.


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2 thoughts on “Offshore Mists Two”

  1. Interesting experiments Bear. This one I somehow find a bit unsettling on the left where the hills are. The motion blur makes me feel like I can’t focus or have double vision, whereas on the right side of the photo (and with all your other ones so far that I’ve seen) the overall effect is very calming and fluid.

    I’m not sure whether it’s because the picture overall isn’t symmetrical or the “double vision” appearance of the hill where you can see two outlines at once.

    Hope that makes sense. Intriguing the effect these have on us!

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    1. It’s certainly different every time!
      I see what you are seeing too but I guess because the hills were never in focus, because of the mist, to me it’s accentuating that and the sea is relatively clear and benign.
      The experiments continue… 😉


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