Golden Brown

What is noticeable out in the countryside now, after this prolonged period of dry and warm weather, is the parched and brown moorland and fields that make up the landscapes. This makes for the beautiful golden and warm colours on the recent abstract shots I have been taking and displaying here.

The thought did strike me that these particular colour combinations, the dry yellows and browns which turn into vibrant golds on my camera movement shots, are only possible when these conditions exist. What is even more thought provoking is that, rather than being a unique set of circumstances, that this may be how summers generally are from now on.

This is how dry, brown, yellow and gold the view out over the farmland on the tops of the cliffs at Rusey, North Cornwall looks now. Whether it has ever been like this before might take an older (and more reliable) memory than mine to recall, but it now may become the norm thanks to how we’ve freely used the Earth up until now.

Today is Earth Overshoot Day, August 1st 2018, the day this year on which humans have already used as many natural resources as the Earth can renew in a whole year.

Without a massive change it does look like that these colours will be normal for summer from now on.

On the whole, I think I, and the farmers, prefer green.

DSC04813 3

15 thoughts on “Golden Brown”

    1. There is that autumn vibe I suppose but it’s for a whole new earlier season that the crops and land look this way. 😦


  1. Obviously there are grave concerns about the impact we’re having on the environment. From recent memory the last few years we’ve had an early summer – May and June rather than July and August. This year we’ve had much of May (both Bank Holidays were glorious – almost unheard of in the UK!), June and July already and August has got off to a warm dry start. I can’t recall a summer that’s been this hot for this long since my childhood in the early 80s.

    On the photography front, this continues to make an interesting series Bear. I’m kind of looking forward to the Winter equivalents, especially if we have snow.

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    1. Thanks Dan.
      Yep, I hate to think we are going down the path of the extremes predicted by scientists years ago but can’t see that there’s been anywhere near enough action to avoid it so far. So it seems we could be seeing the results more visibly as we go along.


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