Black and White, Landscape, Photography

The Exe Estuary

Regular visitors will notice that I have refreshed the look of the site again. Sorry about that, you must think I’m a bit of a tinkerer. And more than a little indecisive. You’d be right.

In explanation, although happier that the image size was larger I was still not happy with the theme that made you press to see a Menu for the other pages, links and widgets. So I’ve tinkered and messed about with themes and come up with this. I’ll try to leave it alone for more than a week now, promise.

My computer was also away getting a refresh and hopefully a new lease of life this week. A friendly IT guru (thanks Pete) has fitted a new – and very fast – SSD for the operating system and programs and given the RAM a boost. It some respects, it is like a new machine but unfortunately it can do nothing for the speed of the broadband service it is attached to here, so print store management is still painful.

Unfortunately my mess of files kept for no apparent reason that I can remember and  now abandoned ‘efficient new start’ image filing systems that I can’t remember how were meant to work, are all still sitting there using up the same hard disk space it was before. What’s worse is that it is all duplicated on a back-up external hard drive so it’s likely that there’s about 300 GB of mainly rubbish and 300 GB of important image files twice, all mixed up and in two separate places. So I’ve resolved to sort that all out too.

Of course, now I am going through old image files and I keep stopping and reprocessing some of them. I am pressing the delete key like I set out to do for some of the duplicates sometimes but I keep getting caught up in ‘I wonder….’ and creating more new versions of others.

Culling data may take some time at this rate.

Anyway, in case you think I abandoned B&W, no I haven’t and here is a shot of a man sitting on the boat he is perhaps refurbishing, waiting for the tide to come in to float it (if it floats) on the Exe estuary.

DSC00051 5.jpg

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