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Bude Canal Reeds

On a Saturday I will quite often walk to Bude along the canal side path. Generally it’s a perfect way of avoiding doing the supermarket shop with Mrs H – she drops me and Gwynnik off at The Weir car park (a restaurant and wildlife park a couple of miles outside the town) and we walk alongside the canal and nature reserves from there into Bude where she picks us up again post grocery shop. If we walkers are ahead of schedule we will stop somewhere for a coffee and cake, maybe sitting in the sun at the Quay while we wait.

On good weather days we’re getting the better end of the gig most of the year round I think. Not so much for me on the really wet and cold off-season ones in the autumn and winter, but Gwynnik is normally keen for the walk whatever the layers of clothing I head out with.

On the most recent fine day the path heading into Bude was cast into shade and the opposite bank lit up in the sun. At one point there are reeds on either side so I tried my deliberate movement technique on it.

DSC04956 3

I am pretty pleased with the results and I have made both of these shots available as a variety of types on my new Redbubble store which you can browse from here. There’s also a link on the Prints and Offers page.

DSC04960 3

In other news, I have decided to give Facebook another chance and reinstate my page on there. I had worries originally over the rights of the use of my images but research shows that I was mainly a little paranoid. That’s not to say I’ve suddenly decided they’re fine, just that the positives outweigh negatives for me at the moment.

I intend not to simply auto-post the link to the blog here and hope to engage with any of you that might want to chat about the pictures or processes. How a shrug and “I dunno” will translate into words is another thing but it’s at least another thing that should be fun thinking about or making up.

Anyway, the Facebook page is here and it’s added to the Menu page of social links.

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