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Crowdy Reservoir view

I went for a walk in Bude yesterday. There was a market on the Quay there and on one of the stalls there was a nice chap – John Worth Photography –  selling items featuring his own photos, from cards and calendars to mounted prints.

He said that for his market – the many tourists passing through – the important thing to him was that the photograph was of somewhere recognisable and Cornish. I nodded in agreement. This is probably a good idea if you want people to buy your pictures of places they might have visited while they were here, as mementos for their walls at home.

I appear to have moved pretty far away from that approach myself. My recent abstract pictures are made from the light and colour of the Cornwall around me of course, but you probably won’t see any familiar landmarks.

Anyway, this is taken at Crowdy Reservoir with the hills and moorland of Bodmin Moor in the background. I have a feeling that me having to tell you that fact might disqualify it from being sold to the tourists who enjoyed the view when they were there.

DSC04160Jul 09 2018 1

10 thoughts on “Crowdy Reservoir view”

    1. Thank you Adrian.
      I have said elsewhere that the painterly effect appeals to me. I also like the way the motion distorts the reality differently every time and the technique adds an element of unpredictability and uniqueness.
      I just have to decide which of my efforts is the best to present publicly!


      1. Yes, I absolutely agree, any photo of mine that looks at all painterly I feel is getting somewhere. And I by no means think that all photos should be in sharp focus. Don’t worry about THE best picture you have, post a selection – several times I’ve posted images that I don’t really think up to it, and people have liked them – we are all different!

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        1. Yep, sort of agree with most of that I think Adrian.
          I suppose my selection process, what I choose to display on here, is a reflection of me and my judgement and taste already, so in that way whatever I choose to put up here is showing something of me. By selecting relatively few of them I’m not trying to guess if stuff is going to be popular, just publishing what I like best from my results. I could post a whole lot more but there may be a bit of wavy lines abstract fatigue setting in… 😉

          I took a leap with publishing the recent colour abstract pictures on here – especially after more my traditional B/W landscape making the WP ‘Discover’ selection BC (Before Colour!) – and I am more than pleased that the reaction is positive overall.

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  1. Just one man’s opinion, I find your abstract photos intriguing, but this one goes much deeper. The expanse of open space, the water and distance to the far hills, and suddenly this photo becomes a place that could be anywhere the heart wishes it to be. Just my thoughts, whatever they are worth.

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    1. That’s the beauty of abstract I think. I make them with what I have here of course, but everyone can have their own take on what it means to them because they’re not location specific as such.
      Thanks for your thoughts Steve.

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  2. Your new photos are wonderful and thought provoking. They draw you in and let your mind run through the gorgeous colours, very beautiful Bear.

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    1. Thank you, I am often pleasantly surprised by what exactly this technique throws up and I’m glad others appear to appreciate what happens too.

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