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I mentioned on my last post that I would be putting some more pictures up for sale on my store. I have done so with the Society6 store, there are three new ones on there, as well as a slight trimming of the Black and White shots that are available.

I have now also set up a new store on Pixels (a branch of fineartamerica.com I think). The reasons behind that choice are that the ‘fulfilment centres’ are numerous around the world so that the delivery times are much less for you. If, for example, you are in the UK, then there is a UK printer and your order will come from there in 4 or 5 days instead of from the USA (and whatever customs costs that entails) in about 14 days. The prices are also displayed in your local currency and do start off from a lower base level.


There is still a wide choice of print papers, print sizes, frames and many types of products that a picture can be put on. The small matter of product creation and management being a much easier process at my end is the cherry on top really.

I hope you will go and take a look. At the moment there are nine pictures from a ‘Millook Tides’ series but more will appear as we go and I will also reload my Black and White pictures there at some stage – when I can get to the luxury of fast internet access that is unfortunately not available here at home!

Here is another one from the series, imaginatively titled Millook Tides Eight. Incidentally, the print store versions are full resolution and do not have the signature embedded in them.

DSC03322Jul 03 2018 1.jpg

2 thoughts on “Pixels Store

  1. OMG these are superb. Not only extremely interesting in composition but they capture the essence of North Cornwall coastal colours. Beautiful Bear, just beautiful.

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