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The shade

Now is not the time to be out on the moors or up on the cliffs.  There’s very little to offer cool relief or shade on the heights of North Cornwall in the UK’s current heatwave. Trees and rivers are rare –  and any trees are not very tall when there are any –  so there’s no respite from the sun’s high summer heat.

Gwynnik and I have instead been seeking walks through the deep wooded valleys with their canopies of protection from the harsher UV light and with some offering a stream; perhaps reduced in force by the dry spell but a welcome cool-down splash for a small white terrier, especially when yet another squirrel has inevitably made it to safety after an energetic chase.

So, effectively having retreated into the shadows, here are some pictures that I have managed that hopefully give an impression – some more abstract than others – of  travelling in among the pools of light and shade in the woodlands.



18 thoughts on “The shade”

  1. I LOVE the way light illuminated the world in woodlands. It is so refreshing and pretty.

    It’s pretty cool to see it in black and white, although I am still imagining lush greens!!

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    1. Thank you, I think it was Terry Pratchett who described some valleys as ‘so deep and dark they have to pipe the light in…’

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  2. All are wonderful, but that last one…there are so many things it could be. A spiderweb. The remains of a leaf after bugs have been foraging. the gossamer remains of a fragile bird skull. I love when your photos kick my imagination into gear and bring me stories.

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  3. I think many people think only of shooting colour when there’s strong sunlight, and it does of course give colours more vibrancy. But I’m moving ever further towards reaching only for b/w in strong light because the light and dark and contrasts are even more dramatic. Love walking along a wooded path and seeing all the patterns shadows as the sunlight flitters through the trees.

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    1. Agreed, and there’s no need to wait around (or be up stupid early) for a ‘golden hour’ either… 😉


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