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Big Skies and big discounts

When I signed up with Society6 I didn’t realise quite how hard it was going to be for anybody to purchase anything from them at full price! The discount offers seem to come thick and fast so, rather than think of a new way to tell you this news every time,  I’ve decided to take a different course of action.

In future my Prints and Offers page will be updated to have the details of any current offer currently being run by Society6.

I’ll link it here: Prints & Offers.

I’ll also flag any Society6 offers on my Twitter account @relocatedbear  (current follower total: 43, made up of about 20 real people and 23 assorted marketing spam and bots, so please do follow there, if only to give the real followers total a bit of a boost… )

The current one is linked to Memorial Day and gets a 40% discount off the normal price off all of their products. Use link LONGWKND at the checkout to get the discount.

It feels wrong to post without a photo so here is one of the big sky above Roughtor and looking out over Crowdy Reservoir. I already said it was hard to make a good photo of Crowdy, one of the ways I use is to not have a lot of it in the photo!

DSC02809May 20 2018 2

6 thoughts on “Big Skies and big discounts”

    1. Some skies are definitely worth not doing the ‘rule of thirds’ with – and some foregrounds are not worth it anyway… 😉


      1. Whether following the rules or not, I’ve shot many pictures of clouds and sky with absolutely nothing else visible! If it was good enough for Stieglitz and his Equivalents series…

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yep, I’m not averse to a proper abstract but I think it wouldn’t be an ‘epic’, as you put it, without at least some indication of how much of it there is compared to at least *some* land. 🙂


          1. Oh definitely. A lot of times my ‘landscape’ is really cloudscape with some land to ground or frame it in.


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