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St Werburgh Church, Warbstow

This church is just a couple of miles away from us. We hadn’t been before but after a walk around the Bury it was just a hundred metres down the lane, so, having time to do it, we nipped down to have a look.

It is named after a Saxon Abbess from Chester apparently and has stood since the 15th Century. This is the first time I’ve heard about it being a good place for geese here though.

“The presence in Cornwall of St Werburga, the Saxon Abbess of Chester, is not easily accounted for (though the parish is famous for geese, which figure in her legend). “

We like to take a wander around any little local churches as there’s normally a good few stories to be glimpsed and imagined from what is inscribed on the headstones. A good sign of how healthy the Cornish environment is for people is visible in some of the ages that people got to as well. Seventy and eighty years old at death are common compared to some of the thirty and forty year average age in cities in comparative eras.

The unfurling of the new leaves over a place marking the passing of life caught my eye, pristine fresh yellows against a cloudless blue sky on the birch tree at the entrance.
Or as it turns out in my B&W style, very light grey against a slightly darker grey.

DSC02557May 05 2018 1


4 thoughts on “St Werburgh Church, Warbstow”

    1. Thank you, I only suffered one clip around the ear and an accusation of ‘You’re not listening to me…’ while I was concentrating on getting it. 😉


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