I have posted some pictures from East Woods before and it turns out, although I got that name from the signpost pointing the way to it, that I should be calling it Ludon Valley. Now people from the Crackington area won’t be scratching their heads wondering where the heck the place I said I walked is. In fairness it is on the current OS maps as East Woods as well but I’ll be going with the locals (and older OS maps of the area) in future.

Penkenna suffers from this local versus OS naming inconsistency too, appearing as Pencannow Point on the map. I can see there were probably some locals winding up the men from the Survey or they just found it hard to penetrate the locals accent in this case.

I will be walking in this natural and native woodland often now. As the spring continues to bring the bluebells and buds out, the beginning of the season also brings a beach ban for dogs, so Gwynnik and I will be exploring the other non-beach walking and photographing routes.

DSC02392Apr 22 2018 Cl.jpg