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DSC08781Feb 08 2017 4

This is looking south on Widemouth’s long beach. The wind was fairly fierce, whipping up the sea spray off the tops of the waves and leaving it hanging in the air. As you walked you could feel the damp on your face and taste the tangy moisture. The pebbles on the beach were coated with that moisture and hence glinting like little stars in the light of the low setting sun just behind me.

My ‘domain’ is generally up and down the coast of North Cornwall, regularly walking from around Bude in the North and down to about Wadebridge on the Camel estuary and with a little venture on to Bodmin Moor and further inland from time to time.

You may not have noticed, because the WordPress elves are doing a silent redirect job, that this site’s domain name has changed as well. I’ve upgraded and dropped the WordPress from the address and changed it to (simply bearsphotos. com was already taken).


You should also not be seeing any adverts now – or be followed here by the advertisers that’ll shadow you elsewhere on the web.

Thankfully, it’s only my virtual domain that has changed.

4 thoughts on “My domain”

  1. Good move with the domain and no ads, I did a similar thing a few weeks back, as you know. Just makes our blogs feel more private and more like our own, well, domain, than if someone else is advertising on it.

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    1. You inspired me Dan! (Sort of, I was already heading that way anyway and read your posts recently so you pushed me really… 😉)


    1. It does feel like you just got your Dad to take the training wheels off but it’s still early days so you’ll still be a bit wobbly. ☺

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