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Logan Stone, Louden Hill, Bodmin Moor

My thanks to Elizabeth Dale, author of Cornishbirdblog and her recent post giving me the inspiration to visit this quirky rock formation on Bodmin Moor, just below Roughtor.

That particular post is here and will tell you a little more detail. I highly recommend a visit to her blog to learn all sorts of other interesting historical facts and entertaining local lore about the larger area of Cornwall that you won’t necessarily find in the guide books.

My kids were visiting over half term holidays so we took the opportunity of a (recently rare) fine morning to take a walk out onto the moor, T-shirt warm from the sun but welly-boot worthy underfoot due to the sheer amount of rain it had soaked up recently.

I didn’t tell them what we were looking for in detail, just ‘a rock that rocks’. This resulted in them asking ‘Is this the rock you mean Dad?’ every time a lump of granite was apparent for about a mile and a half of walking the moors. Which was a lot of times.

Unusually I’ll post two pictures this time, one with my son perched on top of the Logan stone to give you an idea of its scale.

DSC02301Apr 11 2018 1

You would be forgiven for thinking that a giant stone balancing enthusiast had precisely placed the granite slabs on top of each other, however it’s the natural weathering that has resulted in the top stone now being able to be rocked on the pivot point that it narrows down to at its base (I would post a video of us doing this but apparently my cheapskate free WordPress account doesn’t allow me to post videos).



DSC02305Apr 11 2018 2

12 thoughts on “Logan Stone, Louden Hill, Bodmin Moor”

    1. I only knew of it because of you so all the family says to thank you for a lovely morning out (but wish Dad did a bit more map reading before he marched them around the Moor…) ☺


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